Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lil' Splashes

Posting pictures of our house in the summertime while it's currently very cold with tons of snow outside, is making me very nostalgic for warmer weather! 
But these pictures show some of my creative bursts over the summer. As you can see I am all about Splashes of Color! And very bright at that. Oh but I have so many projects I want to finish on This Old Home. Mind you, I said finish, not do. Because I'm not looking forward to starting or doing anything. I just wish they were done! Most of them have to do with painting which I've found to have a great distaste for. I discovered that after painting our hall this beautiful yellow with white trim....oh yeah the trim still needs another coat of paint. It was a not a fun process for me and at. I want to paint our living room a lime green or "wasabi" green. And I'm thinking a goldish-tan for the dining room. Have some other ideas for upstairs as well. I just need a painting partner! 
I greatly enjoyed our gorgeous flowers over the summer and look forward to having lots more this time around! 

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